Certified User Acquisition experts and exclusive ad account opportunities.

User Acquisition

We run campaigns for you

  • New users to your app
  • Launch new media sources
  • Granular targeting opportunities

Meta Ad Account management

You run campaigns by yourself

  • Rebate on your advertising costs
  • Exclusive support from Meta team
  • Access to closed beta-tests and new features
  • Apple Search AdsApple Search Ads

    Apple Search Ads

  • Display & Video 360Display & Video 360

    Display & Video 360

  • Google AdsGoogle Ads

    Google Ads

  • TikTok AcademyTikTok Academy

    TikTok Academy

  • TwitterTwitter


  • SnapchatSnapchat


  • Facebook BlueprintFacebook Blueprint

    Facebook Blueprint

User Acquisition

We run campaigns for you

Internal media buying team

Results-driven campaign management

Drive revenue and acquire engaged users with the help of our UA team of professionals. Our in-house UA team is experienced in launching campaigns with different types of optimization algorithms and is focused solely on results.

  • CPA
  • Retention
  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike audience
  • and more

SDK ad networks

Large media sources inventory

Acquire your audience not only from the top performance giants like Meta, TikTok, Google, etc., but also through a large inventory of major in-app sources.

Creative production support

Save time and boost the performance with new effective creatives. Our in-house creative team has got you covered, free of charge.

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360 support at all stages

We are convinced that effective marketing strategies start from the product. We provide technical and consultation support to get your app prepared for new opportunities.

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CPA focused

You are paying for the result (CPA). There is no need to worry about overbidding as we cover your risks.

Targeting capabilities

Due to how social ad networks work, we are able to implement the most granular targeting settings to reach your best users.

Saving your time

Our team is in charge of the entire campaign optimization. You do not need to spend your own time, we drive business growth for you.

Meta Ad Account

You manage Meta ads by yourself

  • Save budgets

    Save on advertising costs with Meta Ads rebate program. As an official Meta Agency Partner, we have access to exclusive benefits which we share with our partners.

  • Managed Meta support

    If you want to improve your current Meta support - leave it to us. We’ll help you with all ad account related issues and current campaigns trouble-shooting in 1:1 workshops and consultations.

  • Exclusive features

    Discover new opportunities with additional analytical tools and participation in exclusive Meta white-lists and beta testings.

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