Ad Platform

Managed performance solution powered by machine learning

Unlock the new ways to reach your customers: set the goal and leave the rest to us.

Machine learning

Powered by machine learning

Based on an inventory of thousands of apps, RELIZ ad platform enables mobile user acquisition with a variety of use cases such as:

  • ROAS
  • Deep funnel optimization
  • LTV prediction
  • Retargeting
  • Omni-channel promotion
  • and more…

Managed solution

Simple fit to your business needs

Hands on approach of our team of professionals will boost the performance while keeping the massive scale of high-quality users.

We will acquire the most engaged users while staying focused on the predefined budgets and cost per user.

Creative production support

Save time and boost the performance with new effective creatives. Our in-house creative team has got you covered, free of charge.

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360 support at all stages

We are convinced that effective marketing strategies start from the product. We provide technical and consultation support to get your app prepared for new opportunities.

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We have
everything needed

Mobile first

In-app mobile inventory that consists of thousands of apps.

Fully managed

Campaigns are led by our product team while dedicated Client Success and Integration Managers will keep you up-to-date on the progress.

Easy to start

Set the cost per action, provide our team with creative assets and get ready to welcome new customers to your business.

Machine learning driven

Advanced AI mechanisms help identify users who are most likely to engage with your business.

Worldwide on scale

Reach new users in target GEOs and cross borders for new opportunities.

Targeting capabilities

Stay focused: get the most from our targeting capabilities. Choose basic setup or advanced, powered by AI-driven DMPs.

Start growing your business today