09 feb 2024

I. Reliz Integration

  1. Go to “Configuration" –  Active Integrations
  2. Search for Reliz Ad Network
  3. Click “Set up integration

II. Integration Setup

  1. Activate partner
  2. Advanced Privacy
    Disable “Advanced Privacy" (for IOS 14.5+ and later*). If this action is unavailable, refer to the section “App settings for iOS apps
  3. Install attribution
    Enable “Install view-through attribution”
  4. Default postbacks
    1. Activate “In-app event postbacks
    2. Add Appsflyer events you want to send to the Reliz ad platform. 
      We recommend sending all events from user flow including payable events. For example: reg_complete, deposit_start, deposit_complete)
  5. Save Integration

III. Permissions setup

  1. Activate “Ad Network Permissions

IV. App settings for iOS apps

  1. Go to “Configurations – App settings
  2. Toggle OFF Aggregated Advanced Privacy
  3. Toggle ON View-through via probabilistic modeling

More info is available at the AppsFlyer knowledge base

Without these 2 settings, we are unable to run iOS 14.5+ ad campaigns.