09 feb 2024

Enabling the sending of unattributed events

To improve the efficiency and volumes of user acquisition to your application, we highly suggest postback events from all media sources, including organic.

This defines the sending option when an Ad network receives signals not only about those users, who were acquired through it but also signals about users, who have made the same event but were acquired from other media sources including organic.

These events are sent in an encrypted way and provide backend systems with more signals for optimization processes. This sending model also helps you to avoid wasting impressions on users, who are already active in the app. Thus, there is no need to pay multiple times for current non-target users. Nevertheless, the signals that were acquired before enabling the sending of unattributed events are not sent to ad platforms.

Benefits and Opportunities

Sending of unattributed events (all media sources including organic) will help you to:

Data safety

All the data sent is encrypted and no party can neither download or export it for usage other than internal optimization purposes. The usage of this data is exposed in Ad Networks’ terms and conditions. For more information please visit this page

AppsFlyer settings

Send unattributed events to Reliz Ad Platform. More info.

  1. Go to “Configurations - Integrated Partners
  2. Find “Reliz Ad network
  3. Set up the following:
    1. Events sharing permissions:
      Events attributed to any partner or organic
    2. Allow to send revenue:
      ON (needed for ROAS optimization)
  4. Select the following events the agency is allowed to share:
    1. Installs
    2. Af_app_open
    3. Any other target events for optimization

Adjust settings

Send unattributed events to Reliz Ad Platform. More info.

  1. Go to “Campaign Lab - Partners
  2. Select “Reliz ltd
  3. Go to “Data sharing
  4. Set up the following:
    1. ​​Set your data sharing options:
      Data from all attribution sources