20 jun 2023

Will AI “kick out” designers and creators?

It can do anything…

AI wrote a song. AI created a website. AI drew paintings in the style of Salvador Dali, and AI rapped in the style of Kendrick Lamar. These are not all the headlines associated with the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

AI has only recently begun to actively penetrate the world of creativity, and its ability to create almost anything is both admired and feared. The Midjourney neural network is amazing with its images and opens up new possibilities for creativity. Artificial intelligence is already being used to its full potential in the advertising industry. This is where the main question arises: would there be a place for designers and creators?

Recently, a huge number of different neural networks have appeared, which either answer all user questions, help solve complex mathematical problems, or generate entire works of art on text-only requests. People are divided: some have started to sound the alarm and sign petitions to abolish AI, while others have created their own communities of interest where like-minded people try to curb neural networks.

… Better & better…

Progress has not stood still. For instance, Midjourney v5 and Stable Diffusion v2 have already made images so detailed that they are almost indistinguishable from the work of designers or photos. Text queries are getting shorter, and somewhere, neural networks are starting to understand us at a glance. Stable Diffusion and Midjourney already have more opportunities to create legible text on images, and neural networks have learned to draw hands and fingers more accurately, as well as faces and portraits of celebrities and fictional characters.

And it’s great… to have such a helper! 

As some people yield to panic, we are sure that flexibility and adaptability to the ever-changing external environment are among the key factors that allow our creative department and the company to achieve success. We believe that the intelligent use of AI by our designers and creatives allows us to optimize our work processes and increase efficiency.

Our creative department already uses neural networks to generate unique creatives, characters, designs, and environments, personalized advertising texts, and come up with ideas during brainstorming sessions. This is how synergies are achieved to increase the quality and quantity of content for our partners.

Nothing can beat human intuition

We understand that technology cannot replace the creative potential and intuition of humans, so we strive to combine technological capabilities with the creative approach of our employees, thereby staying at the forefront of technological innovation and keeping up with the latest trends to create content faster and more efficiently.

All you need is flexibility

The secret is simple: flexibility to change. You need to think about how to integrate AI into the existing team now and how to train people to interact with AI so that it gets results. Neural networks should become a kind of partner for designers and creators, who will always come to the rescue to get the job done. The development and integration of AI and neural networks in creative fields will undoubtedly change the way we work, but it is not something to be feared. By embracing new technologies and working in partnership with AI, designers, and creators can unlock new possibilities and achieve even greater levels of success.